Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation is located on 200 acres of pristine wilderness in central Florida, between Tampa and Orlando.

The facilities are sensitive to the environment and utilize good drainage and water-saving devices. No trees were felled and no wetlands disturbed to build the CEC. The unspoiled site is also home to egrets, raccoons, snakes, wild turkeys, and many other native species. The Center for Elephant Conservation meets or exceeds all environmental requirements and regulations for housing elephants.

There are five outside paddock areas, all of which include structures to provide shade and constant access to drinking water. With an intricate system of 37 gates and walkways, each paddock can be accessed from any other one without animals having to exit secured areas.

There are four main animal buildings: a 17,000-square-foot main barn with birthing facilities monitored with 24-hour-a-day audio and video monitoring systems and an automated animal waste removal system (the building also contains an elevated office/lab/observation room, a feed storage room, and two workshop areas); two 3,100-square-foot male elephant barns; and a 4,900-square-foot double male elephant barn.

The residents at the CEC love to eat: they consume about 2.5 tons of hay daily! Other food includes 700-800 pounds per day of grain, special elephant grasses and willow branches grown on the grounds, fruits and vegetables, and about 80 gallons of water daily per elephant for drinking and bathing.

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